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I had the opportunity to attend a Mr. LL talk. If Jeffery Taylor is coming to a town near you I would highly recommond his seminar. He not only is a good speaker but shared with us lots of very helpful and positive information. I”m so excited that I can’t wait to get some of his printed materials. If he is not coming to a town near you I’d highly recommond his CDs. His information is very straight forward and very easy to understand. Even if you can only incorporate 10% of what his message is into your rental properties you’ll be ahead of the game. I’m even more excited for those of you who signed up for the cruise – you are in for a REAL treat! Jeffery has alot of personality and a sincere concern to help us all be better people and LLs.

–Patty [MO]

“He is fun to learn from. Very high energy and informative. Helped change me and Pookie’s lives.”

— Lee [IN]

“Jeffrey’s info took us from crying to flying. We were able to quit our day jobs and do this full time based on his advice and are comfortably self-employed just doing LL work.”

— WMH [NC]

“Mr. Landlord is probably the country’s most beloved speaker, period. It’s probably because he’s super-experienced (over 35 years in the business), super-successful (collects over a million a year in rent!), super-sharing (he teaches how to increase your rents and decrease vacancies by providing more services to your residents!) and, well, super-entertaining.” – Vena Jones Cox

This was the best seminar that I have attended. There was great bargins on learning. Jeffery did an outstanding job. He has always concerned himself with others best interest in mind.

–Tom Calhoun [FL]

Jeffery Taylor is a complete pro when it comes to landlording. If you’ve ever seen him live he is passionate, knowledgeable, and excited about what he does. What I learned from him completely changed the way I approached tenant relationships for the better. I’m armed with some incredible tools that allow me and my tenants to win. I no longer dread it. For me, this was a missing link in my success as an investor, and Jeffery’s teaching help me immensely. He is the king of landlord tenant relationships and if you are a landlord, you really need to get it right. I recommend you let him show you the way.

–A. Hood [ON]

I’ve been a landlord for 35+ years and I picked up a ton of fresh ideas!

–Jane Garvey, President, Chicago Creative Investors Association

Dear Jeffrey,Thank you so much for your inspiration. You and your products have made all the difference in our landlording business.

–Mr. & Mrs. Paulson [CO]

Hey Jeffrey-I sat front-row center when you spoke in Seattle. I have attended many, many seminars and you blew me away. Thanks.

–Phil [WA]

You are an amazing speaker. I have seen Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Joe Rogan. Jordan Peterson and many more live. You are as good or same level as the top speakers in the country. I really enjoy your passion when you talk.
Tyler, (GA)

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