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MR LANDLORD Newsletter
For 35 years, Jeffrey Taylor has been speaking to real estate associations and writing the #1 read landlording newsletter in the country by rental property owners. This publication gives you exactly what you need monthly to master your landlording skills: hard-hitting, practical, proven, innovative, and unrelenting strategies for cash-flow success.


The Revised Landlords Kit
Over 100 Rental Forms by Jeffrey Taylor, founder of

Get over 100 RENTAL FORMS that will make you more money and help you take control of every rental situation! This new book includes 50 money making management tips and the best rental forms that I’ve developed over 20 years as a landlord. I have learned a lot and much of what I’ve learned is now in the new book – THE LANDLORD’S KIT.

THE LANDLORD’S KIT gets high praise from my friend and colleague Leigh Robinson, who wrote the bestselling book LANDLORDING. Here’s what Leigh has to say about THE LANDLORD’S KIT –

“Good forms make the good landlord a better landlord, but they require a lifetime of writing and refining. Now comes Mr. Landlord, Jeffrey Taylor, to share his many good landlording forms developed over his lifetime for all of us. Bless him!”

The single most important activity of a rental owner is what you communicate to residents. With this book you will now have a form to help you take total control of every rental situation, generate more monthly cash flow, and have less headaches. This new book also shares some of the classic money making strategies and tips that Jeffrey Taylor, editor of MR LANDLORD, shares at seminars. Jeffrey Taylor is a master communicator, and is the nation’s number one landlording coach. These are the money making management concepts and forms that Jeffrey personally uses to be successful (and used by thousands of rental owners nationwide to increase their profits).

THE LANDLORD’S KIT is a highly recommended resource for any one who owns at least one rental and a necessity for those who own or manage many. I guarantee you, that as a rental owner you will use or refer to this book more than any other real estate book you own, because it deals with how to effectively communicate with residents at any and every stage of the rental process. If you visit, you’ve got to have a copy of this book! And here is the absolute best news. This new 226 page book (8 1/2×11) is only $18.95. We have never before offered so much for so little of a price!

THE LANDLORD’S KIT was listed as one of the top 10 bestsellers on, on their Top 100 bestsellers list of ALL books offered. At, where it has been listed as high as #7 on Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller list (out of the millions of all books they offer, not just real estate). It’s amazing to me that for less than twenty bucks, you can obtain over 100 forms that has taken me over 20 years to refine, and includes 20 years of hard-earned lessons! If you have not already gotten your copy, click now to order it. Whether you purchase the book online or buy it at a local book store (yes, it’s in all major bookstores), as a landlord, this will be one of the the best twenty bucks you ever spent!


The Landlord’s Survival Guide by best-selling author Jeffrey Taylor is for real estate investors just like you who want full-time profits from their rental properties but only want to deal with them part-time.
Taylor, also known as “Mr. Landlord”, shows you a new way of managing properties in this competitive and ever-changing marketplace. Today’s renters want things “Thier way” and this guide shows you how to give residents what they want while giving you what you want – maximum profits.
Mr. Landlord’s step-by-step advice removes the guesswork and puts you on the road to building wealth with rental property. This book shows you how to:

  •      Fill vacancies quickly with ideal residents even in a tough rental market
  •      Identify and avoid “problem” residents and situations
  •      Collect on-time payments
  •      Keep residents beyond the standard one-year lease period
  •      Double your monthly cash flow
  •      Maximize your profits
  •      Get residents to work with you to reach your real estate goals faster

Complete with all the action steps needed to help you implement Mr. Landlord’s money-making management system, The Landlord’s Survival Guide is a must-read for landlording newbies and veterans who want bugger profits.

Special Reports

Getting the rent and all money due you is a #1 priority. Your financial survival is dependent on rental income. This new report provides you with 50 sure-fire rent collection strategies, including unique methods which help guarantee that residents will pay you on time. The report also highlights proven strategies on how to correct the habits of late payers and gives numerous alternatives of what to do when rent payment is not made, other than simply starting an eviction. Plus the report shares tricks of the trade for finding skip-outs and tactics for recovering large sums of money owed from current or past deadbeats.

150 inexpensive, easy-to-implement ways to fill a vacancy fast. Know exactly what do to on the inside and outside of your rental to instantly attract and appeal to applicants. The report shares secrets of where and how to advertise to keep your phone ringing off the hook. Plus learn about incentives that guarantee applicants will come to your showings and find it practically impossible to refuse to rent from you. Valuable tips show you how to always fill your rentals before the existing resident moves. Creative and innovative, yet practical and proven ideas shared by managers and landlords. If you have a vacancy, get this report now!

150 ways to increase monthly income plus cash flow checklists to increase property value. This report covers income from fees, creative use of space, alternative leasing terms, rental options, and upgrades. Discover cash flow thieves (other than residents). Learn how to negotiate for greater cash flow with everyone you work with. Report reveals trade secrets and how to cut utility and maintenance expenses. Turn negative cash flow properties into money machines. 30 pages.

(Use the clauses “you need” to strengthen your rental agreement)

The following question is often see asked on the Q & A Forum – “I’m sure many of you like me, have over the years developed your own “standard” lease form. Does anyone have some good clauses they would like to share?”

Well, good news! We have exactly what you are looking for. We have just published a newly updated and expanded special report which now includes 200 model clauses used by rental owners and property managers nationwide. Use this report as a checklist to take control and make sure you are covering yourself in every way possible.

It should be noted that while this expanded report has an extensive compilation of clauses, it is not suggested that your lease or agreement includes all these clauses. First of all, some of the clauses address the same rental issue. These are provided as a benefit to provide you with multiple options on how you may prefer to address the issue. Some clauses address issues that may not even be applicable to your rental situations, because of rental customs, state laws or even the climate in your area.

The best use of this report is NOT to try to include all the clauses in your agreement, but to go through the report and select the clauses that address issues or problems that you have had to deal with in the past and that your current rental agreement may not adequately cover. Secondly, consider adding clauses that address issues that there is a strong likelihood that you will have to deal with those issues at some point in the future that your current agreement does not even address. Mot landlords know the problems they often face or will face, but they don’t have a clue about how to address those issues in their lease. With this report, now you do!

Some question, “Why should I include things in my lease if it is covered in the landlord-tenant law of my state?” By putting everything in black and white,Êeven if it is addressed by state or common law, in most cases, you’ll have a far better chance of winning in court if the resident clearly agreed to it when signing the lease and perhaps even initialed right next to a clause that you especially wanted to bring to their attention. Therefore, this report with 200 clauses can be used as a checklist to not only help you strengthen your rental agreements, but also to increase your odds for winning in court if (or more appropriately, WHEN) it goes that far.

It is recommended that landlords consider revising and strengthening your lease or agreement at least once a year! Please don’t do like most landlords and wait until they get burned (costing them hundreds if not thousands of dollars) before realizing their rental agreement is not adequately covering them in all areas of rental management. Trust me, this report will make you aware of various issues and how other landlords effectively address them in their leases.

The clauses in this report will keep you in control and can help you save thousands of dollars. Cover yourself with these asset protection clauses that address all the following rental issues:

  • Pets
  • Mold
  • Snow
  • Pools
  • Drugs
  • Signs
  • Guests
  • Utilities
  • Upkeep
  • Smoking
  • Cosigner
  • Deposits
  • Lockouts
  • Cable TV
  • Evictions
  • Disasters
  • Insurance
  • Vehicles
  • Subletting
  • Move-Outs
  • Appliances
  • Judgments
  • Mail Fraud
  • Inspections
  • Light Bulbs
  • Bankruptcy
  • Pest Control
  • Maintenance
  • Emergencies
  • Storage Areas
  • Military Clause
  • Rental Violations
  • Broken Windows
  • Returned Checks
  • Partial Payments
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Window Coverings
  • Plumbing Problems
  • Direct Rent Deposits
  • Repair Responsibilities
  • And much, much, more.


Keep residents longer!! 27 strategies to stretch your cash flow a minimum of three to five years. Ability to keep good residents is what separates successful landlords from owners with major holes in their cash flow. In this report find out which applicants make the best long-term residents. Learn how to plug residents in for life. Discover how to anticipate and avoid vacancies. The report shares numerous resident-retention programs with easy steps to implement them and inexpensive tips to keep residents happy even while raising the rent each year.

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