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This page contains information about contacting Jeffrey’s office to schedule him for your event, as well as information about his speaking compensation. Jeffrey will help promote your events. Feel free to contact us any working day from 9am to 5pm (Eastern time zone) to answer your questions.

Contact Persons: Toya / Customer Service Manager
Company Name: Mr. Landlord Inc.
Address: P. O. Box 64442
City, State Zip: Virginia Beach, VA 23467
Work Phone: 757-436-2606
Fax Phone: 757-436-2608
Jeffrey’s Email:
Office Contact:


Promoting Your Event

Monthly and annual events are the foundation of many associations and other organizations. Jeffrey understands that event attendance is of utmost importance. He will help promote your event to your members and prospective members.

  • Feel free to use any of the promotional material on this website to promote your event, including the sample press release and flier in the box to the lower right, the speech topics you’d like Jeffrey to teach on, and the bio information you can pull from to introduce him.
  • Upon request, Jeffrey will be glad to send complementary newsletters that you can hand out to all members prior to the event. You just let us know how many newsletters you would like and to what address would you like them sent.
  • Jeffrey will also promote your event to the tens of thousands he reaches monthly, through his printed and email publications as well as on the website.
  • Your association editor can also receive the free syndicated monthly column, which Jeffrey makes available to associations nationwide. The columns provides articles and tips from our website and newsletters that we give you permission to include in your local association publication, leading up to Jeffrey coming to your event and that you can continue to utilize after his appearance. Send an email to if you would like to receive the monthly columns.

Information About Scheduling Jeffrey

Speaking Compensation:

Fees are negotiable. They range from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the location, length of presentation or traing, audience size and other factors.

However, Jeffrey in some cases, charges No Fees to groups which do not have any budget for speakers, if he can take just a few minutes to offer his Resources directly following his 60 or 90 minute presentation. His materials are extremely informative, engaging and motivational. Also, one of the favorite aspects of Jeffrey’s presentations is that he loves to ask and answer any questions from audience members regarding presentation topics during his trainings.

Travel Requirements:

Jeffrey will make all his own travel arrangements to your city. And, if possible, would appreciate a ride from his hotel near the airport to the event location.

Audio Visual Requirements:

  • Wireless microphone with sound system.
  • Flip chart with writing pad and markers.
  • One display table at the front of the meeting room
  • One display table at the rear of the meeting room
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