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Let me assist you in attracting larger numbers to one of your monthly meetings in 2020! Plus, I’ll give a presentation that your members will be talking about for the rest of the year!! 
Over my many years of speaking, I have had a pretty good track record of helping to increase the number of members who come out to a monthly meeting, often times double the normal attendance. In the last couple of months, I’ve helped to break attendance records for associations in Baltimore and St Louis. In addition, I’ve established a very good reputation for giving an extremely motivational, inspirational, entertaining and informative presentation with reviews from attendees giving very high marks. This was again the case when I spoke recently for the OREIA Convention. As quoted by Sham Reddy Crs, president of Greater Dayton REIA: “Jeffrey Taylor is the most motivational speaker for Real Estate Investors, period!!!”

I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the possibility of speaking to your organization. In the last 25 years, I’ve spoken to more associations than any other active real estate instructor and can gladly provide references. My office is currently booking my speaking dates for this year and next. And as many of you know, the good news is that it can be arranged that there is no charge to your group plus generate revenue for your association. Call my office, 1-800-950-2250. I look forward to talking with you, especially if it has been over two years since I’ve last talked to your association.

Call today! 1-800-950-2250.


Associations often ask us if we would be willing to donate a door prize for an upcoming meeting or real estate conference or as part of a special fund raising drive they are doing. Our answer is YES!  We would be glad to donate a free copy of Jeffrey’s bestselling book THE LANDLORD’S KIT, with nearly 200 sample rental forms to help rental owners be more successful. Just email and tell us the name of your association and where you would like us to send the book.



The #1 question we get asked every month from leaders of associations is, “Can we have permission to reprint an article from the MR. LANDLORD newsletter, Management Update E-mail newsletter, or from your website to include in our local association newsletter?” This question is definitely the plea of the person or volunteer responsible for the association publication.

GOOD NEWS!! Not only do we give permission to local associations to reprint MR. LANDLORD articles, we will send you a free monthly column that includes one, two or three of our most popular property management articles published that month.  At the end of any article, we ask that you state:
“Reprinted with permission from MR. LANDLORD newsletter.”  To receive a free sample of Mr. Landlord newsletter, call 1-800-950-2250 or visit their informative Q&A Forum at, where you can ask landlording questions and seek the advice of other rental owners 24 hours a day.

The monthly column is sent free to whatever e-mail address you prefer.  Since it is sent to you by e-mail, that should allow you to quickly and easily add it to your association publication if you are using a computer word processing program to create or write your publication.  Just send us an e-mail request to to receive the free monthly column.  In your request, please give the complete name of your association and contact information, including a phone number.  We then will start sending you the MR. LANDLORD monthly column. It’s that easy!


I’m excited to announce a unique resource for associations that could add additional great content plus added appeal to your association’s website. And there is absolutely no charge to your association. offers real estate associations an informative, interactive and continually updated Q&A Forum to add to your website. So, if your association currently has a website I believe this resource can be a big plus to your organization’s site.

What’s really great about the content provided is that it is offered within a personalized” association page so that it appears to association members and website visitors to be right within your association’s website.

The informative, interactive and continually updated Q&A forum allows your association to offer your members and website visitors the  TOP LANDLORD-TO-LANDLORD Q&A DISCUSSIONS NATIONWIDE! Up until now only a few select associations have been using and testing this resource for over five years.  And they love it!  Click here now to read some of the key benefits to associations like yours who include the Personalized Association Q&A Forum content on their website or to see a sample of one of the associations who is currently taking advantage of the Q&A Forum on their website. Even if you already have a forum whon your websie ere local association members participate, several associations have appreciated having a second forum like ours on their website that has landlords particpating nationwide giving additional landlording insight from various perspectives. If you want us to create a free personalized Q&A Forum for your association, email me –


    Good News!  The webmaster has set up an affiliate program which we now invite associations to take advantage of.  Associations will be able to receive 10% rebate on every order placed by your members on our website.   PLUS, your association members will receive a 10% discount on any resources they order from Everybody wins!  For more information or to participate as an association affiliate, click here or email and we will follow up with you.

  • REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATIONS DIRECTORY features a national directory of real estate associations, that includes local associations throughout the United States made up of rental owners, real estate investors, landlords and/or apartment owners. As a landlord, it is vital to your success to belong to a local association. Click on the Association’s Name to be linked to their website.

If you are a leader of an association and wish to be included on our FREE Association directory, simply click on the ADD YOUR ASSOCIATION link on the directory page.


We would be glad to send you enough FREE samples of the MR LANDLORD newsletter so that you can pass them out to those who attend your next monthly meeting. In your next local association newsletter or publication, offer our newsletter as a free bonus gift for all those who attend your next meeting.

WE’LL SEND THEM FOR FREE! No charge to you or your group. Give them to members at your next meeting as a Thank You Gift for coming. In fact, write in your next mailing to members, “FREE GIFT – Real Estate Newsletter packed with information guaranteed to increase your cash flow! These newsletters will be given to all who attend this month’s meeting!” You’ll have some owners show up just to get a free gift.

Just send an email to and tell us how many newsletters you want us to send you, 50, 100, or 200. Or if you have a BIG trade show, conference or convention coming up, we will be glad to send you 300 or 500 newsletters for all the attendees. All FREE! Just let us know the address where to send them.


We are offering associations a special group price for The Landlord’s Kit. A few years ago I worked out a very special deal with a president of a real estate association who wanted to provide an extraordinary benefit to all new and renewing members. After long negotiation, I agreed to offer all 100 renewing members a copy of the 2nd edition of my bestselling book, The Landlord’s Kit with 150 rental forms, for only $8 each (regular price, $18.95). Over the last few years, other associations heard of the deal and wanted similar arrangements for their group. Good news! Your group only needs to buy a minimum of 10 copies to get the low cut-rate group price. Call our office at 757-436-2606 during the day between 10:00 and 4:00 EST, ask for Toya, to buy copies of The Landlord’s Kit for your association.  You can either give it away or sell it in your Association bookstore.


We also offer associations a special group price for the popular Mr. Landlord Newsletter Subscription. If you have at least 25 members who will receive our newsletter, the subscription price for each member would only be $10 for the entire year (regular price $89). And each month we will deliver the newsletters in bulk to the address of your choice. You association would then distribute them to your members. Some associations mail them as part of their monthly mailing to members. Others make them available at the association meetings. Associations can offer the newsletter subscription at the greatly reduced price to their members as one of your outstanding association benefits. Many associations have simply absorbed the very low cost into their association price and include the Mr. Landlord subscription as one of the awesome “free” association benefits and “membership renewal bonus” which all members receive. Wow! One more valuable reason your members will want to obtain and renew their association membership. Call our office at 757-436-2606 during the day between 10:00 and 4:00 EST to get your group receiving the Mr. Landlord newsletter subscription at the bulk rate plan for your association.

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