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Give Your Members a Night That They Will Not Soon Forget!


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Jeffrey is by far and away the most popular speaker we’ve ever had. 

–  Rental Property Owners Association, MI

Jeffrey Taylor is the most motivational speaker for Real Estate Investors, period!!!

– Sham Reddy Crs, Dayton, OH REIA

“Over the years, We do surveys of our members and ask which of the national speakers who we’ve invited to speak is your favorite? Every time, Jeffrey Taylor receives the most votes as the #1 favorite national speaker!” Vena Jone-Cox, Cincinnati REIA.

“Jeffrey Taylor, featured instructor for Landlords of Iowa State Convention, is of the best two speakers in many, many many years.” Dick Rehman, President

“JT – #1 real estate speaker!” Bill Bronchick, real estate attorney, author, trainer. 

“I’ve been a landlord for 35+ years and I picked up a ton of fresh ideas!” Jane Garvey, President, Chicago Creative Investors Association.

“I’ve learned some of my best landlording tips from Jeffrey! Our REIA has him come back every 3 years or so. I have purchased his material twice over the years. Good stuff!” Patti Robertson, investor, real estate broker and former president of Tidewater Real Estate Investors Association

Note from Jeffrey: I would love to assist you in attracting larger numbers to one of your monthly meetings this year!  I promise to give a presentation that your members will be talking about for the rest of the year!

Over my many years of speaking, I have had a pretty good track record of helping to increase the number of members who come out to a monthly meeting, often times double the normal attendance. I’ve helped to break attendance records for countless associations nationwide. In addition, I’ve established a very good reputation for giving an unforgettable, extremely motivational, inspirational, entertaining and informative presentation with reviews from attendees giving the highest marks. This was again the case when I spoke for the OREIA Convention. As quoted afterwards by Sham Reddy Crs, president of Greater Dayton REIA: “Jeffrey Taylor is the most motivational speaker for Real Estate Investors, period!!!”

I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the possibility of speaking to your organization. In the last 30 years, I’ve spoken to more associations than any other active real estate instructor and can gladly provide references. My office is currently booking my speaking dates for this year and the next two years. Call my office, 1-800-950-2250. I look forward to talking with you, especially if it has been over two years since I’ve last spoken to your association.

Call today! 1-800-950-2250.

Promoting Your Meeting

Need a flier to promote your meeting? You can download one from the Sample Promotions box near the bottom right of this page and fill in the date and location. There’s also a sample press release you can edit and use. If you need a sample article to include in your upcoming newsletter or on your website, feel free to use one of the articles below.

Here’s a short sampling of wording used by a landlord association recently to effectively promote Jeffrey: “We are immensely excited to welcome nationally renowned speaker Jeffrey Taylor (aka Mr. Landlord) to our upcoming meeting. And he will leave you begging for more. He is superbly energizing and has an uncanny ability to turn every crummy landlord/tenant situation into a win-win for both sides. His charisma will draw you in, but it is his invaluable insight that will make you a believer. We guarantee Jeffrey will change the way you think about and do landlording for the better.”

For promotional purposes, be aware that we also send out a monthly column to real estate associations each month that includes one, two, or three of our most popular property management articles which can be used in association publications. The articles below or to the right are from my most recent monthly column.  The monthly column is sent free upon request to whatever e-mail address you designate.  Since it is sent to you by e-mail, this should allow you to quickly and easily add it to your association publication.  In your request, please give the complete name of your association and contact information, including a phone number.  We then will start sending you the MR. LANDLORD monthly column. It’s that easy!

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